The Fun of Guest Posting

I have been (at least for me) doing a lot guest posts lately (list to follow). For those of you who don’t guest post (or accept them) you are missing out on a world of fun and excitement.

Seeing Your Name in Lights

When people corner me at parties and ask me what’s the best part about being an author, I always tell them seeing your name on Amazon. When it comes to guest posts, the same is also true — seeing your name on someone else’s site is just as amazing. Now, I know that sounds like a bit of an ego trip and it is but in a good way.

Why Guest Posting is Fun

I am sure some of you can’t get your head around this whole guest posting is fun idea. Well, if you like to write and share ideas, then guest posting is one of the best avenues to get your message out. Guest posts are also validation that whatever you are doing, at least someone enjoys it. This feels great and can sustain you during those bleak creative periods where the empty screen ridicules you to go organize your tweets in alphabetical order, indexed based on universal Internet time. Yeah, that sounds like fun.

Some Recent Guest Posts

A couple of my recent guests posts are listed below along with how they came about.

  • Finding Your Inner Linchpin and Soloist over at Get Your Biz Savvy: This one was inspired by two books that are must reads for creative people: Linchpin and I Hate People. Alex was kind enough to reach out to me and give me some kudos on a couple of my The Daily MBA posts so I decided to submit a guest post.

  • Practicing Permission Follow-Up over at A Smart Bear: I moderate an answer forum called Answers.OnStartups and Jason (the author of A Smart Bear) is one of the hosts. He just recently started accepting guests posts and my first submission was off target for his audience. You can see it here. The beauty of this one was that the inspiration for the topic came from another post I did that resonated with Jason: 6 Steps to Close the Loop. Practicing Permission Follow-Up is an expansion of step 3.

  • Pushing Past The Brink over at Shot of Inspiration: Sharon and I meet in a Creative Nonfiction class last year. By day, she is a Public Relations expert and by night an inspired writer. This particular post was inspired by a particularly nasty week at work where what could go wrong, went wrong and what went right was not right enough.

  • Free Range Innovation over at Blogging Innovation was a post that came about because of a monthly feature that Braden does. It amazing the amount of content and perspectives that Blogging Innovation gets. The premise for Free Range Innovation came about by a bunch of corporate guys I know telling me that “you startup guys are just a bunch of cowboys.” Yup and free range innovation was born.

Give it a Try

Don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and give guest posting a try. In fact, if you have a topic that The Daily MBA might be interested in, go ahead and send it over (jarie at thedailymba dot com). I guarantee that I will look at each one and publish as many as I can.

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