Quicksprout: My Top 10 Worst Ideas to Make Money

Gotta love this post about all those wacky money making ideas. The 5 Dolla Holla is my favorite.

I am glad Neil shared some of these bad ideas. Being successful is about trying, failing and trying again. You will rarely hit something big the first time. Bravo Neil.

As for my worst money making ideas, man, which ones to choose from. Here are a couple:

Clean Room Deli

The concept was to make sandwiches in a clean room. Part art, part show and part really clean sandwiches. Not a bad idea but hard to scale!

The Newspaper Cannon

This one came from my youth. Throwing newspapers is a pain. Why not just shoot them out a cannon! The concept was that you would feed in unfolded newspapers, they would get folded and then you could shoot them at the door step (or wherever).

Fully Automated Restaurant

Someone actually did this in Germany and it crashed and burned. The deal was you would have conveyors that would bring the food too you after you ordered it on a touch screen.

Any one else have any bad money making ideas?

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