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There are a lot of good resources on how to write business plans so I won’t reinvent the wheel. What I did do is cull through some of the on-line resources for business plans and found some really good guides and templates.


SCORE has a lot of templates to choose from, depending on the type of business you are in. See here for the templates.

Small Business Administration (SBA)

Is a great resources for all things small business. They typically work with traditional businesses that can generate revenue quickly (usually within the first couple of months). This site gives all the essential elements that they recommend. If you want to get a loan via SBA, you should have everything on their list.

Has a pretty good article on the components and the method you can use to write the plan. Check out here for that.

Wall Street Journal

This article is a pretty good overview of what you need to focus on. I like the style because it tells you what not to do.

Business Plan Pro (Palo Alto Software)

If you want some software to help guild you through a plan, then Business Plan Pro is a pretty good one. They have tons of templates (which include some for SBA loans).

As I find more, I will update this post. If you have any that you particularly like, send them on and I will add them to the list. Happy Planning!

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