Addressing Your Failures Post MBA

by Jarie Bolander on March 6, 2015

TweetA Guest Post by:  Patti Conner If writing about your weaknesses seems difficult, then talking about those same flaws must be tough. You will most likely feel a bit of a post-MBA adrenaline-like rush now that you have your degree and are looking to start your career (and in doing so, you should check out […]


Insider Advice for MBA Applicants

by Jarie Bolander on December 4, 2014

Tweet Getting into an MBA program can be competitive. Knowing what information you will have to produce to complete an MBA application, and understanding how to communicate your unique skills and talents to an admissions committee may be one way to get a leg up on your competition. Common MBA Application Materials Application requirements will […]

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5 Things To Take Note of to Avoid Business Failure

October 22, 2014

TweetNo one starting a new business wants to contemplate failure, but you’ve probably heard the statistic that nearly half of all new businesses fail within the first five years. However, by being aware of problem areas and avoiding common reasons for failure, you’ll be more likely to avoid this trap. Focusing on these five areas […]

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The Top Five Cloud Storage Options for Entrepreneurs

August 8, 2014

Tweet As an entrepreneur you want to spend your time worrying about the important things like your company’s growth and bottom line, not data storage. Cloud storage has increased drastically in popularity among small business owners, details a study conducted by SugarSync, and choosing the right option for your small business saves you time and […]

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Importance of MBA Degree in Shaping Up Your Career

August 6, 2014

Tweet   In the current competitive job scenario, choosing a promising degree program is vital to ensure a promising career. The following post talks about the importance of MBA degree to boost your career prospects. Read on… The aim of all the students at the time of completion of course is to get employment in […]

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5 Expert Tips for Enhancing Your Body Language in Video Meetings

July 18, 2014

Tweet   In today’s businesses, there are many types of methods of communication: email, telephone, in-person meetings and so on. Videoconferencing is becoming a more common way to communicate between clients, employees and companies – not just to save on travel costs, but to liaise with remote workers or interview international candidates. Things start to […]

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Five Essential Functions to Consider Outsourcing at Your Startup

July 16, 2014

TweetThe daunting task of coordinating and hiring employees is a challenge for every company.  Startups are especially limited because they need to hire staff to perform a number of essential functions, but are often strapped for cash.  So, how does any business find quality staff when budgets are tight and office space is limited?  One […]

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Guerrilla Marketing Is Only Limited by Your Creativity

June 30, 2014

Tweet There is potential to advertise anywhere. Pens, sidewalks, elevator doors, under a bridge and even on a baby. For higher education marketing, guerrilla marketing is inexpensive, unconventional, creative and only limited by the span of one’s creativity. Guerrilla marketing differs from traditional marketing because you devote more time, energy and imagination than you would […]

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Selling Online? Drop Shipping is the Way to Go

June 28, 2014

TweetDrop shipping, according to Wikipedia, is a supply chain management approach in which the seller does not store the goods in stock, but instead moves customer orders and shipment information to a wholesaler, manufacturer or to a 3PL (third party logistics) service provider.  The wholesaler, manufacturer or 3PL service provider will then ship the items […]

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7 Ways to Promoting Your Business via Social Media

May 6, 2014

TweetIt wasn’t so long ago that many business owners thought of social media as a waste of time, if they thought of it at all. With the possible exception of the professional networking site Linkedin, much of the business world, particularly small business owners, seemed to have little use for social media sites, considering them […]

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