Tweet   In today’s businesses, there are many types of methods of communication: email, telephone, in-person meetings and so on. Videoconferencing is becoming a more common way to communicate between clients, employees and companies – not just to save on travel costs, but to liaise with remote workers or interview international candidates. Things start to […]


TweetThe daunting task of coordinating and hiring employees is a challenge for every company.  Startups are especially limited because they need to hire staff to perform a number of essential functions, but are often strapped for cash.  So, how does any business find quality staff when budgets are tight and office space is limited?  One […]


Guerrilla Marketing Is Only Limited by Your Creativity

June 30, 2014

Tweet There is potential to advertise anywhere. Pens, sidewalks, elevator doors, under a bridge and even on a baby. For higher education marketing, guerrilla marketing is inexpensive, unconventional, creative and only limited by the span of one’s creativity. Guerrilla marketing differs from traditional marketing because you devote more time, energy and imagination than you would […]

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Selling Online? Drop Shipping is the Way to Go

June 28, 2014

TweetDrop shipping, according to Wikipedia, is a supply chain management approach in which the seller does not store the goods in stock, but instead moves customer orders and shipment information to a wholesaler, manufacturer or to a 3PL (third party logistics) service provider.  The wholesaler, manufacturer or 3PL service provider will then ship the items […]

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7 Ways to Promoting Your Business via Social Media

May 6, 2014

TweetIt wasn’t so long ago that many business owners thought of social media as a waste of time, if they thought of it at all. With the possible exception of the professional networking site Linkedin, much of the business world, particularly small business owners, seemed to have little use for social media sites, considering them […]

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How to Easily Integrate Technology Into Your Small Business

April 11, 2014

Tweet When you’re shopping for tech solutions that will integrate into your business, there are some important differences to be aware of between various consumer technologies. Always keep in mind that your business should be able to fully rely on the devices you purchase. Buying inexpensive technology that breaks regularly can have a larger impact […]

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6 Not So Simple Ways to Motivate Employees

April 7, 2014

TweetSomething almost every manager struggles with at some point in their career is motivating those they’re leading.  Everyone needs to be motivated.  Sometimes it’s encouraging a less engaged team member to be more engaged.  Other times it is making sure your all-star performer doesn’t become complacent. One of the biggest challenges a manager faces when […]

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Super Simple Small Business Promotion Techniques

January 27, 2014

TweetToo many people negatively affect the way a small business performs simply because of the mindset they have when they first start the venture. The practices they incorporate almost make it seem like they are trying to fail. You don’t go into business for yourself in order to be mediocre or to simply bring in […]

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Keep Your Best Employees With a Unique Benefits Package

January 23, 2014

Tweet   It’s expensive to replace employees who leave. Inc estimates that the this turnover cost is nearly 1.5 times the person’s salary by the time you factor in recruiting, interviewing, hiring and on boarding. That doesn’t even include the cost of everybody’s time spent hiring someone new. Invest that money into some unique benefits […]

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Why You Need Work Experience before Enrolling in an MBA Program

January 15, 2014

TweetThe fact of the matter is that having some work experience prior to pursuing an MBA is almost always a good choice. MBA programs are largely designed to capitalize upon the knowledge the students bring with them to the classroom. In fact, not long ago universities nationwide almost always required a candidate to be able […]

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