3 Types of Technology No MBA Can Be Without

Getting an MBA is hard work, but using the right tools can make the journey a bit easier. Students have been incorporating various technological devices into their studies as they try to simplify their workload. This involves the integration of mobile devices, laptops, tablets and smartphones among other devices. This post will talk about the types of technology that make getting an MBA easier.

1. Laptops – Accessing eTextbooks

Your laptop is a single centralized device that allows you to do multiple tasks without taking around large text and mounds of papers with notes. The provision of etextbooks has greatly aided the pursuit of an MBA degree for many individuals. The text book is not in and of itself a device, but rather technological move that has spared many the expense of getting the physical textbooks by making them available on devices such as laptops. The price of physical textbooks continue to climb to unreachable levels for many individuals pursuing their MBA studies.

This cost combined with that of the study course takes the costs of the MBA program beyond the financial reach of many students. Having a laptop and being able to access etextbooks has greatly reduced that cost, therefore enabling many students hold on to their dream of completing their studies. Transforming your laptop to a textbook reader is a reality you will have to face during your studies if you are to control the price of your MBA course.

Your laptop and a digitalized textbook makes life much less complicated as you will be able to do things such as:

  • Navigate the book much more easily and faster as you will be able to locate the exact page and terms and concepts you need.
  • Print, email and use a PDF or document editor to annotate pages with ease.

2. Tablets for MBA students

Tablets are very handy devices that can also be used as an e-reader. MBA students download various education apps that are useful for their studies. These include dictionaries and math apps as well as watching videos that are relevant to their studies. A tablet is not cumbersome or heavy to take around and you can conduct research even while you are on the go.

Just like a laptop, Androids spare you the hassle of having to drag big bulky books around with you. The availability of these books in soft, online or PDF versions makes it possible to download and read them whenever you get the chance to do so. A tablet can be used to do your class assignments and projects as well as to view various lectures related to your studies.

3. iPhone

The iPhone also allows you easy access to your course as well allow you to access a number of apps that will make your life easier. You naturally take your mobile around with you so it is a major benefit to have apps that make your life as an MBA student that much easier. It is a convenient web-browser and notebook and the apps will assist your studies from different perspectives.

MBA studies are costly and time consuming. You have limited time on your hands so multitasking is a must. The laptop, Android and iPhone are technological devices that have simplified the classroom and made it mobile so you can access your course while on the go. They help you to cut cost significantly. Technology in the classroom environment has been greatly simplified and an MBA student can manage his/her timetable and other school routine using this hand-held device.

About the Author

Andrew Roth is a professional tutor and former classroom teacher. He blogs regularly on issues related to learning and using technology to facilitate the educational process. To learn about furthering your education without disrupting your life, visit Concordia University online.

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